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Angelo Travel Customer Relations Dept.

Handling of complaints, opinions and personal information about Angelo Travel

For "Complaints", "Comments" and "Handling of Personal Information" for Angelo Travel, please visit our customer service center.

Please take the time to write the following and contact us.

・The name of the tour course or plan you have applied for (Accommodation name)
・Departure Date (Date of stay)
・Your name
・Contact Address/Phone Number

  We will investigate the content of the notice in detail, and as a rule, we will contact you by phone, in writing, or by email from the person in charge. Please note that depending on the content of your inquiry, it may take some time or you may not be able to respond.

  Send an e-mail to the customer service office at the head office:

  *We ask that you agree to the following terms and conditions for the personal information you provide to us when you send an email to our company, such as "Complaints" "scold" "Comments" or "Handling of Personal Information".

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
  Our company will use the personal information it receives when receiving "Complaints" "scold" "Comments" and "Handling of Personal Information" only to the extent necessary to confirm and respond to your request.

2. Provision and Outsourcing of Personal Information to Third Parties
  Our company will use the personal information stored for the purpose of use described in the preceding paragraph only for internal business purposes and will not provide it to third parties or entrust it to external parties.

3. Notes on Entering Personal Information
  The provision of personal information to our company is at your discretion. Please note that if there is an error in the content of the "Complaints", "scold", "Comments", and "Handling of Personal Information" that you sent, or if you do not enter your personal information (entry), the content of your reply, contact, etc. may not be properly done.

4. Acquisition of personal information by a method not easily recognizable to the person
  We do not use cookies or other methods to acquire personal information in ways that are not easily recognized by the individual.

5.Request Procedures for Inquiries, Disclosure, and Deletion of Personal Information
  If you wish to notify our company of the purpose of use of your Personal Information, disclose your Personal Information, correct, add, or delete your Personal Information, discontinue your use of Personal Information, or delete your Personal Information, we will inform you of the necessary procedures, so please contact the address below for inquiries.

[Personal Information Protection Manager (Agent) and the person who can make inquiries or complaints about personal information]

Angelo Travel Head Office Sales Office Customer Consultation Office Teruo Ogiyama

Tel: +81906243696 Fax: +81664925304
Business hours: Monday - Friday 9: 00 ~ 18: 00

(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and year-end and New Year holidays)

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