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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

 We declare to protect Your personal information as we understand its importance in this highly information-oriented society.

Data collection and usage

 We clarify the purpose and usage of Your personal information and declare to use them only for mentioned purpose. We ask for Your consent first, if and when we need to use the information for other purposes.

Disclosure of personal information to a third party

 We declare never to disclose or provide collected information to a third party, except in case of having a prior agreement with the person in cases, declared in this privacy policy, or when required by law enforcement.

Confidentiality of personal information and its storage

We protect the collected data from any illegal access, loss, damage, falsification, and leakage. We maintain the accuracy of data, and manage and store them in safety. Shared or consigned companies will be obligated to do the same when we engage in new contracts.

Disclosure, correction, and suspension of personal information

 We deal with disclosure, correction, or suspension of the information when they are requested by the person him/herself. We confirm the person's identity and deal with it according to procedure, except in case of requests from law enforcement.


 We adhere to laws and regulations in regard with personal information. We will renew constantly and update this protection policy.

Inquiries about your personal information

 Please contact our Customer Service for any inquiries regarding Your personal information and its protection policy.

                                                                                                             1st August 2017


Angelo Services

Minorucommer Co., Ltd..

Inquiries about personal information

Angelo Services Personal Information Customer Service

Administrator : Teruo OGIYAMA

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