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Welcome to  our  Website  -  We support  Your daily life  & special day !

" Angelo's service was really attentive to my needs !"

"Thanks to Concierge Service with excellent hospitality,

      we had a wonderful trip never experienced before."

 " I would definitely recommend Angelo's Concierge              Service to help get things done anytime I'm busy !"

" Reliable, efficient & reasonable in price ! "

" Their help is always very reassuring to me. ! "

We offer not only Customers  need special supports, but also busy persons, foreign travellers or everyone, to support a little help around You or special care needs such as dimentia. As Your  Concierge, we are here to support You with wide range of services.



Location & Service Area


 Our Headoffice is next to Hankyu Kobe Line Sonoda Station located in Amagasaki-City between Osaka and Kobe, It's located very convienient place, 'cause very near in neither Shin-Osaka station & Shin-Kobe station(Shinkannsen Super Express) and Osaka-Itami airport & Kobe airport and Osaka & Kobe JR station, and also not so far away from Kansai Int'l Airport.(approx. 1 hour)


Service Area​ & Recipient

Basic Service Area

 We provide services that suit Your every need

in southeast Hyogo Prefecture & Part of Osaka-City,

Toyonaka & Suita-City in Osaka Prefecture. (Pink coloured area above)

  Our services are available not only in home of local residents but also in hotels across Central Osaka & Kobe, supporting visitors to fully enjoy everything our city has to offer ! 

  If You have strong request or in case of emergency, we will offer You our services outside

the pink area.

  We will ask You to pay JPY 1,000.- as travel expenses.(inside the pink coloured area). 

  If business trip destination is outside the pink area, JPY2,000.- & more as travel expense.

  *We are sorry for depending on the offer contents, we may not accept Your offer.

       eg. business trip destination is too far, but service period is too short.  

Service Contents

  We provide You or Your loved ones who don't have time to run errands & home bound Individuals with the best errands & care support services for Your daily life & special occasion. We can visit whenever & wherever You like to help You/Your loved ones from any difficulties/troubles & make Your life greater & more comfortable !

  Our reliable services will be able suit Your every need. If You pleased with our hospitable services, we will take care of You with our "Personal Concierge Service" on long-term basis/during Your stay. 

  For Travellers/Visitors from overseas, taking care of anything You request, You will be able to relieve travel anxiety & our "Travel Concierge Service" will be able to make Your travel so pleasant & satisfactory.

  For Busy Individuals, our wide range of quality services will be able to make You spending quality time.     

  For Elderly & home bound Individuals, our heartful caregivers will be able to allow

You to maintain an independent, dignified lifestyle as long as possible. 

For Travellers/Visitors

Acting as Your agent, Accompanying as Your escort(Interpreting Japanese)

Introducing tourist/night spots, arranging, scheduling etc.

For Busy Individuals ;

Busy Professionals, Double-income family, Sick, Injures, Preggo, New Mom

Wide range of HouseKeeping, Errands, Special Occasion & Holiday Planning & Cordination, Makeover, Repair, Moving, Taking Care of Your Family & Pets, Act as Your agent etc.

For Elderly & Individuals with Disabilities & Indivi

-duals need special care

Qualified Caregivers support You with Dressing, Feeding, Toileting,

Bathing,  Acting as Your agent, Accompanying as Your escort etc.

If You need female caregiver, please let us know.


We will do anything useful for You !

We'll give primary specific examples we've ever served as follows,

Daily Housework

Usual Cleaning(Vacuuming, Wiping etc.)・Laundry(washing, hanging ironing etc.)・Meal Preparation・Clearing Table・Garbage Disposal・Tidying-up etc.

Taking Care of Kids Children, Pets, Garden

Baby-Sitting, Day Care based on 

Montessori Method, Teaching Japanese, Dog-Walking, Feeding, Pet-Sitting, Watering Plants,  Seeding, Gardening etc.

Absentee Houseowner services

Security Checks/maintenance overseeing・Pet Sitting/walking, Light Housekeeping, Taking in mail/newspaper, Watering plants,

Gardening, Cleaning etc.

Large-scaled Household Chores

Deep House Cleaning, Makeover,

Moving Furniture, Welfare Repair,

Disused-article& Bulky Trash

Collection & Purchase(Licensed),

Moving Assistance 

If Your request is so large-scaled or specialized, we may outsource it.

Clerical Services

Mail Management・Online Reserva

-tion・Courier Service・Bill Paying

Tax MatterBankingScheduling

Appointment・Wait for deliveries/

contractors, Letter Writing,Vacation

Planning, Research Venues etc.

Auto & Garage Service

Motor Vehicle InspectionsPick-up

/delivery for Car WashNew Tires, Oilchange, other general repair・Cleaning/tidying-up Garage etc.


 Shoppping to supermarkets(Costco etc.), electronics retail stores, DIY shops etc., Taking courier service, Posting letters, Various procedure acting, Reserving/Purchasing tickets in line/by internet, Holding a place (Firework,Hanami etc.) etc.



 In state of anxiety, in strange place/exhausted/

hard to do, we are close to You & run Your errands together with our Japanese/English language.


  Our caregivers are qualified & trained to give You hands on assistance with dressing, feeding, toileting, bathing, medication reminders, and much more. If You need female caregiver, please let us know.

  We also offer service for relaxation; Having a chat・Doing Exercise etc. for resolving Your worries; Counseling, if You need, we introduce You professionals (Lawyer, Accountant etc.)・Introducing Jobs etc.


For Your satisfying travel, we will take care of You. Acting as Your agent, arranging anything & Care supports. Introducing or escorting You wonderful day/night spots, experiences, acti-vities, jap. products shops, restaurants, pubs,  etc. at Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara. 

  Please let us know Your conditions & infor-mation by our web inquiry. 

Travel Concierge

For Your confortable stay 

Life Concierge

Total Support for Your life 

  For Your more productive life, we will take care of You with managing Your lifestyle on demand/full-time assistance.  

  The aim of this service is You will be free from annoyance & inconvenience, living valuable life & independent for Individuals with special care needs.

  Please let us know Your conditions in details by our web inquiry & happy to discuss for future plan. 

The Normal Price


*Life Concierge Service is premised on long-term relationship. We will support You in various ways, so Support Price will be set by meetings. We hope to support You with reasonable price.

Service Prices

​Business Trip Expenses

 JPY 999.-

​Service Charge

JPY 1,499,-/30 min.or less per 1 worker

20% discount (Service Charge) :  twice or more a week

10% discount (Service Charge) :  once a week    

  5% discount (Service Charge) :  once a month

Discount Prices

for Regular Customers

*If the service needs 2 or more workers, it costs the number of workers.

*Necessary expenses (cost of materials, utilities, parking etc.) are to be paid by the customer.

*In case of needing high skills/special tools/outsourcing/introducing experts, extra fees are to be   paid by the customer. (eg. deep house cleaning, repairs, makeover, high/pine tree pruning,    

  vehicle inspection, arrangements for load-carrying vehicle, experts etc.

For further information, please feel free to make an inquiry/estimate request !

How To Estimate/Reserve

・Our estmate/reservation procedure can be performed in E-Mail.

・Please confirm our service contents & prices/reservation method, then find

   our "Estimate Request / Reservation Request Form" underneath this page

   & fill Your request in it.

・After that please proofread & click the "Submit Button".

           Note : For Customer making Reservation Request, please send us

                       the form by 1 weeks before the date You would like to use.

If available, we send "Reservation Confirmation Sheet" by Email.

・We will check Your request ASAP.                              

For Customers making Estimate Request

We will send You "The Estimate Sheet" by Email.

If You like/agree our estimate

For Customer making Reservation Request

 If not available or there is details what we'd like to confirm,

     we will send You "Reservation Request Respond Sheet" by Email.

We will send You E-Mail for "Reservation Reconfirmation” on 2 days before You use.


We accept Cash, Bank Transfer & PayPal(Credit Card Payment)


(Japanese Yen)

Payment at

service starting

Payment at

service closing

​Bank Transfer

(Account holders resident in

Japan only)

Payment before

service starting

Note 1

Payment before

service starting

Procedure of payment through PayPal at service closing


(Credit Card


Note 2

Note 1, 2 :  Please complete Your payment until 3 days before the service providing day. 

*If Service hours are more than 3 hours, please pay our estimate fare in advance.   If You'd like to pay in Cash, please hand the fare directly at the service starting.   If You'd like to pay by Bank Transfer & by PayPal, please complete the fare

    payment procedure until 3 days before the service providing day.

*If the additional payment that is not listed on our estimate sheet such as

   extension of the service time or Parking Fee etc. occurs, please pay in cash

   or pay through PayPal at service closing.

Change & Cancellation 

Change of Contents

・In the case of changing the reservation contents, please let us know

  matters to be changed or details ASAP. Depending on the case, there's 

  a possibility that we might not be able to meet Your change request.

 We appreciated Your Understanding.


Change of  Date & Time, Cancellation

 ・In the case of change of reservation date & time/reservation cancallation,

please let us know ASAP.  Change charge for date & time/cancel charge is not applied unless You cancel within forenoon the day before use. 

  After that time if You contact us or You won't contact us 30 min. after the appointed time, we will charge You 100% of the service charge of contract contract period & costs for orders with outside supplier.   

  We appreciated Your Understanding. 

  However, this may not be the case, if You can verify the change/ cancellation by sudden illness or unexpected trouble.

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