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  We provide 2 main cool services! Angelo Travel provides fantastic local tours and making itinerary & arranging anything as You like!

 Angelo Sportsbike Rental & Delivery provides to pick our sportsbike up anytime & anywhere You like ! May Your stay become enjoyable !

We are the company in biz more than 50 years around Osaka, JAPAN


Angelo Services

Barrier Free !  Language Free !  Feel Free !


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"BIANCHI" Sportsbike Rental+Delivery

by Angelo Sportsbike

Rental & Delivery

  We provide Delivery Service for BIANCHI Brand Sportsbikes

for rent to Your accommodation around Osaka-City. 

  Osaka, Southern Nishinomiya, Amagasaki, Itami, Toyonaka-Cities.

  Angelo Sportsbike Rental & Delivery Service has just begun. This convenient service was born out of our travel service's foreign customer feedbacks so far. 

  The greatest benefits of this service is that You can rent & return sportsbike anytime & anywhere You like ! When You use this service, You can spend Your precious leisure time effectively & reduce Your lost time. So we've got lots of better feedbacks from our Users !

Thanks to this service, we can keep our travel time well occupied !

Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Travel Tips


bigstock-大阪城 桜夜景 写真小.jpg

Osaka Castle

Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyu-kan)

in Tempozan Harbar Village

"Okonomiyaki" typical Osakan 

local Foods (Japanese Pizza)

Doutonbori between Ebisubashi

& Shinsaibashi Shopping Street


清水寺 紅葉 写真小.jpg
嵯峨野 竹林 写真小.jpg
金閣寺 写真小.jpg

Kintaku-ji Temple

(Golden Pavillion)

Senbon-Torii (1,000 Gates)

in Fushimi-Inari-Taisha

Banboo Groves

in Arashiyama

Kiyomizu Temple

(Stage of Kiyomizu)


Nara Park with Deers 

in Autumn Leaves

Hall of Great Buddha

in Todai-Ji Temple

Cluster Amaryllis in full bloom in 

Asuka Village (Old Capital Site)

春日大社 苔 鹿 写真小.jpg

Deer with moss-green stone lanterns

at Kasuga-Taisha shriine 

水谷茶屋 こう要.jpg


神戸 夜景小.jpg
bigstock--神戸 紅葉 布引ハーブ園小.jpg
bigstock-神戸ルミナリエ 小.jpg

Great Night View of Kobe,

from Mt. Rokko

Great View of Kobe from 

Nunobiki Harb Garden 

Great Night View of Kobe

Port from Harbarland

Great Night View of Kobe

Port from Harbarland

Cycling Tips

Cycling Tips

Recommended Cycling Course

From Osaka City Centre ~ To Suma Sea Coast in Kobe

Suma Sea Coast in Kobe

​Road inside Suma Sea Coast

Dolphin Coast

in Suma Sea Coast

National Route 2 

Suma ~ Sioya

From Osaka City Centre ~ To City Tour around Nishinomiya

Kabutoyama Forest Park

​in Nishinomiya City

Muko-River Cycling Road

in Nishinomiya City


in Nishinomiya City

Japanese Sake brewery

in Nishinomiya City

From Osaka Centre ~ Thru "Naniwa Cycling Trail" To Southeast of Amagasaki City

Shirokita Park in Osaka City

Naniwa Cycling Trail

Naniwa Cycling Trail

Endpoints of Naniwa Cycling

Trail in Amagasaki

From Osaka Centre ~ Through "Yodo-River Cycling Road"

                 To Expo'70 Commemorial Park & Expocity in Suita City

Nakanoshima Public Hall 

​ in Osaka City

Osaka Castle

Yodo-River Cycling Road

Expo’70 Commemorial Park & Expocity in Suita City

From Osaka Centre ~ Through Expo'70 Commemorial Park in Suita City ~

                ~Minoh Falls and Katsuo-ji Temple in Minoh City 63km 3時間30分

Katsuo-ji Temple in Minoh City

Minoh Driveway

Minoh Falls in Minoh City

Minoh-Takimichi Road

From Osaka Centre ~ Through Muko-River Cycling Road ~ Takedao Onsen (Hot Spring)

63km 3時間30分

Takedao-Ohashi Bridge

in Takarazuka City

A Tunnel of Takedao old

track hiking trail

Muko-River Cycling Road

A Railroad Bridge of Takedao

old track hiking trail

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