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Estimate Request/Reservation Request

  Thank you very much for Your interest in our services !

 We are pleased to hear from you.Please click "Submit" button at the bottom of this form after filling in the form.

  Right after that, our Email for Estimate Request/Reservation Request Completion will be sent to You.     

  * Please note this is not confirmed estimate/reservation. 

If the Email is not sent to You within 3 minutes, please go through the procedure again after checking the information You have input.

  Shortly we'll email You "Estimate Form" / "Reservation Confirmation Form"  after confirming availability. Please wait for a while. 

Estimate/Reservation Forms are divided into 2 types ; Charter Fare & Meter Fare 

Chater Fare CareTaxi Ride Estimate/Reservation Request Form
1. Taxi Ride Charter Fare Estimate Request / Reservation Request
Meter Fare Care Taxi Ride Estimate/Reservation Request Form
2. Taxi Ride Meter Fare Estimate Request / Reservation Request
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