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“Cycling Tour with English speaking Guide”

Visiting “Tagonoura Sumo Stable” to see Sumo Wrestlers training session &

Visiting to temple to pray your wishes with listening to the priest’s sutra

Grand Sumo Tournament Osaka Tagonoura Stable Dohyou Ring
大相撲 大関 高安
横綱 稀勢の里 荒磯親方 大相撲
Sumo Dohyo Tagonoura Stable
Priest Monk Pray Temple Sonoda Amagasaki Osaka
Fukudenji-Temple Sonoda Amagasaki Hyogo Osaka
Temple Goma Pray Priest Monk Demon Festival
Gomagi Wooden Stick Pray Wish Wrighting

- Tour Date -

27th February 2019 or 4th March 2019

- Meeting Time & Point -

9:00am In front of McDonald’s at Sonoda Station Building 1st Floor 

Sonoda Station is Hankyu Kobe Line is From Hankyu Umeda Station (Near JR Line Osaka Sta.). it takes 9 min. (After reservation I will send PDF Map of the Meeting Point. 


- Tour Fee &  Payment - 

¥5,400.- a person     by Cash or Credit Card  (VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express、Diner, Club, Discovery)  


9:00am MacDonald’s at Sonoda Station → 9:15 Bicycle Rental → 9:45 “Tagonoura Sumo Stable at Sonoda Race Course → watching training & taking photos(for 1 hour) 11:00 dep. → 11:20 Fukuden-Ji Temple (write your wish on “Gomagi” & Listning to priest sutra with praying) 12:00 dep. → 12:20 Return rental Bicycle → 12:30 Dismissal

-how to reserve-

1. Please reply inquiry form on our website with fill in Your Name, Your Address,

    Telephone No., E-Mail Address, Age, Nationality, the Number of Participant

2. We will send you our Confirmation Statement & Meeting Point Map 


In case of cancellation, please let us know 1 day before. And if you are going to be late, please let us know in advance. If you are late for 5 minutes, your reservation will be canceled.

〈Visiting “Tagonoura Sumo Stable in Sonoda Racecourse〉

  Our Japanese national sport “Sumo Wrestling Grand Tournament” runs 6 time a year.(15days x 6).

The rest of the days the wrestlers stay & train at Stables around Tokyo. So they come & stay in Osaka only 1 month before & after “Spring Osaka Grand Tournament”.

 It’s very rare opportunity to visit to see Sumo Stable & real training.

 Sumo is sacred sport. Originally the grand sumo tornament was a Shinto ritual dedicated to the imperial family in the Imperial Household Shinto. So please follow the etiquette mentioned below & respect to the stable master & wrestlers while You are in Stable.

〈Visiting Fukuden-ji Temple to pray Your wishes with listening to the priest’s sutra.〉

Our Japanese sometimes visit to a temple pray for good something, good health, fullfil one’s love, good study, good business, world peace etc..The priest recites sutra & people listen to that with praying your wishes on their mind while sitting straight. Before pray sutra you write one wish on a Gomagi(wooden stick for burning when a holy fire is lighted on every 5th of month)

-Terms & Condition-

  Sumo Stable & Temple is not tourist facility. Sumo Training & Recite Sutra are so serious.

Please follow proper etiquettes. By reservation this tour, you must agree to the following Rules,


1.  When you rent a bicycle, please bring your identification such as Passport, driver's license,

     insurance card, employee ID with picture, student ID, etc.. If you don’t bring your identification,

     you can not rent a bicycle & you can not participate in the tour.

2.  Basically, one should ride a bicycle on the road. Riding on the sidewalk is an exception.

     Ride a bicycle along the left side of the road.Bicycles may use sidewalks that have signs indicating

     they are for both pedestrian and bicycle use. When cycling on sidewalks, give priority to pedestrians.

 3. Observe the safety rules ;Drunk riding, Riding double & Riding in parallel with other bicycles

     are prohibited.

4.  Obey the traffic lights. Stop temporarily and confirm the safety at the intersection.

5.  Please handle your bicycle with care. Return it to the cycle ports properly. If the bicycle is damaged

     by improper handling, there is a possibility that you will bear the repair costs or even the equal cost

     of the vehicle price.

6.  Be sure to lock the key when leaving the bicycle at other than the cycle ports.
     Please be aware of the theft or lost bicycle.

7.  Please understand beforehand that it may not be available due to bad weather such as typhoon etc.

     or maintenance of equipment.

8.  hildren aged 0–2 are not admitted inside the sumo stable, and children aged 3–17 are only

     admitted under adult supervision – parents will be responsible for their children’s behavior at all

     times, and children who don't observe the rules and etiquette of Sumo Stable will be asked to leave.

9.  Please be quiet inside the Sumo Stable & Temple.

10. Do not enter inside the ring at Sumo Stable & sacred place at Temple.

11. Take off your shoes inside the Dome before stepping on the tatami floor at Temple.

12. Take off hats and sunglasses, and switch off mobile phones inside the Sumo Stable & Temple

13. Cross your legs when sitting on the tatami floor – do not stretch your legs at Temple.

14. Do not eat, drink, or smoke inside Sumo Stable & Temple

15. Don’t take videos & movies. Only you can take photos. But never use flash, loud shutter sounds.

      Please do not share photos of sumo wrestlers on any website or social media as it could cause

      portrait rights issues.

16. If you do a failure to follow etiquette may result in being asked to leave Sumo Stable or Temple,

      we do not refund the tour fee.

17. If you break something, you will be billed for compensation or in the worst case, you will be

      informed the police.

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